My Poems

True Love

“” A little bit of erotism may occur when reading this and of course some humour. “”

Hope is in all our hearts to find eternal bliss.
We want to hold close a warm body to add to our fuel.
Enjoy intelligent conversation with a hug and a kiss
Along with bacon and eggs, toast, coffee, and our morning gruel.
Last night I opened my eyes and looked at the nape of your neck.
Followed the supple line of your spine.
And thought about our passion and our need for true love.
How we reached for each other with our torsos entwined.
I moved closer seeking the warmth of your body.
My knee nestled behind your thighs.
I became alive, my manhood erect.
I caressed your body with me eager eyes.
I came closer and rested my head against your back.
My belly felt the roundness of smooth.
I listened to your heartbeat a full sound of life.
As I thrust forward you began to move.
I closed my eyes and floated into your passion.
My body trembled and I bit the air.
My needs became my guide.
You held me close and said,”there, there”;
Then drifting back into the abyss of sleep.
I dreamt of you, my dear sweet precious jewel.
Not to mention our morning meal of bacon and eggs.
Toast and coffee and of course my bowl of gruel.