My Poems

The Crooked Road

“” Oh the difficulty faced when in love. How we cannot read between the lines. Such a story of betrayal “”

Taking the crooked road to love,
Is such a long way around.
I have traveled that road day and night,
Your abode, I have not yet found.
I know that you are in love with me.
So why should I go to you and plea?
It is the thought of you, in heated embrace.
That encourages, me to do so, indeed.
So I will go to you on bended knee,
And dress you in golden gowns.
In exchange for the sweet honey you give,
I will gladly surrender my crown
Your delicate voice and beautiful face,
Fills my loins with lust and my heart with need.
It causes me to run to my stables,
And ride to you fast, upon my trusty steed.
If I stay here and do nothing,
My life will go to the ground.
So I will fly to your quarters and hide my face,
In the folds of your sweet smelling down.
Opening your robes to the beauty inside,
I will inhale your flower’s bouquet.
I will pledge that I will give you all of my affection,
And love you in every way.
I was told that you were a temptress,
That you would seek to ensure my demise.
They said you should be purged of sin,
And sent to far lands for others to despise.
I heeded them not, and to your rooms I rushed,
Last night, for an evening spin.
When the digger straight to my heart was let loose,
By a hand that was hidden within.
We had laughed and danced and turned me about,
Filling my head with dizzy play.
I find it hard to believe that you, a creature of innocence.
Would take my life this day.
My friends will carry my empty sad shell,
To the lonely place of stones.
Where I will lie without your beauty at my side,
With my flesh rotting off my bones.
Where I will no longer feel your hot lips on my chest,
And your fingers caressing my breast.
My entourage will talk of me in the past,
As they carry my body from your sweet smelling nest.
They will place me deep; food for the worms,
Midst their cries and moans.
But nevertheless they will work up sweat,
Shoveling dirt to cover the cave, that will become my new home.
My advices to you my dear,
As you lay comfortable beside your new Knight.
Remember sure that you were the one,
That came to me all dressed in white.
It was you, who captured my love,
Then sold my breath to the wind.
Your turn now to trust the new man in your bed,
To quench the evening din.
You alone must find true loves grace,
This task will keep you from deep sleep every night.
For the man you choose, may with dagger in hand,
Take your soul and your love in spite