My Poems


“” Wrote this in memory of those who have died in Afganistan “”

I walk in peace and run in war
Sleeping the night and working the day
Seeking places too far to see
Looking for paradise to play
Where I am going and what I am going to be
Is insignificant you see
I must still find out what is behind that door
Following the herd of men
I hope life will give the gift to me
That will allow me to rise
The see the clouds and to ride the tides
Reach beyond the reach, teetering on the edge
Taking what is too far to touch
Holding close what I have gained
Following my dream and holding my thought
I grasp tight to my carpet
As it takes flight
My destination far and away
I cannot see you clear
But there you are
I know it is
So I go forth without fear
Through wind and storm
And days on end
Looking for the gift special rare indeed
The few real joys far and true
The reward I seek is a treasure trove
 The gift is special much like the morning dew
The gift my dear, is you