My Poems

My Dear

“” This poem was written using the sound or Robert Service. It is a story, that I am sure has happened to many a young man. “”

What words did she say? On that cold lonely day,
When to her I came that year.
The skies were gray and the cold wind had its way.
She held me close to her heart, without fear.
She was deep in my arms; I was enjoying her charms.
I could not believe it was happening to me.
This moment was mine; I floated on cloud nine.
My heart was filled with glee.
I remember we were deep in the park, Warm in Dad’s Buick Skylark.
When she pledged her eternal love supreme.
Now this day was special, without demands of committal.
I was sure it was just a dream.
I opened her coat and felt just past her moat.
And reached the place where men wanted to play.
I waited for resistance but she let me go the distance.
She did nothing to keep me at bay.
I knew if I stopped now, She might disallow.
Leaving my desires to freeze in the wind.
So I kept to the plan, over her body I ran
I could tell she was going to give in.
The two of us that night were soon out of sight.
The windows were filled with steam.
To a slow rhythm song we moved quickly along.
This was better than eating ice cream.
Buttons were ripped and soon I was stripped.
And committed to following through.
But my conscience awoke and the rhythm broke.
I paused, and thought of the Dad that I knew.
His advice in my mind, spoke to remind.
His voice deep in my brain did sound.
Be sure of your life with her as your wife.
Before you lay her down.
Now I thought of these words though the timing absurd.
I couldn’t get them out of my mind.
I looked at her longing face, her hand firmly in a place.
I thought she would never find.
My future loomed in my eyes; her body was so beautiful in size.
I gave in easily to accept my plight.
I move in close to her breast and gave it my best.
But somehow it never felt quite right
Our heavy breathing slowed and the good feelings flowed.
Amazed at how we had gone with such speed.
I was surprised at her agility and marveled at her ability.
In awe with the speed of her willingness and need.
I started slowly to dress and began to think in regrets
That I had deflowered an innocent girl.
But she grabbed my arm and turned on her charm.
And as she smiled her lips formed a curl.
She looked me firmly in the eye I was sure I would cry
When she smiled and asked with grin.
Will you still want me by you side? Now that I have nothing to hide.
And a part of you I now carry within?
Or will you turn your head and then treat me as dead.
Now that I have given all I had to thee?
I took time to contemplate, time to savor the bait
My answer was positive indeed.
We clung to each other closer than sister and brother.
Ensuring enough time had passed to confirm. 
I thought the love part was easy and for sure was not sleazy.
I knew I had lots of life yet to learn.
She offered me her flower filled with all of its power
Without hesitation or fear.
I wanted the moment to remember, this cold month of November
As I would forever call her, “My dear.”
We dressed in no hurry, but soon I started to worry
As she cast me once again in her spell.
She whispered words to me that night that really gave me a fright.
That’s when I knew I was going to hell.
She then leaned back on the door looking much like a whore
Using the voice from hell.
As her wings, she did spread, she looked at me and said,
“Come my dove, visit, one more time at the well.”
I still hear the words she did say on that cold lonely day.
When I came to her that year.
When the skies were gray and the cold wind had its way.
And she held me close to her heart without fear