My Poems

New Poppy Fields

“” Wrote this in memory of those who have died in Afganistan. “”

A fallen soldier, on his way home, passed me by.
Carried quietly by young and strong.
Past salutes of respect,
With tears in their eyes,
With love in their hearts,
with sadness of thought.
Past family and friends with tearful sighs.
My heart is heavy,
I too must stop and cry.
On his way home, the fallen soldier passed my by.
I could hear his words on a whisper of wind,
I died believing.
No doubt in my heart.
I died for peace, not a world deceiving.
Don’t let me down,
I heard him say.
I gave my life near a field of poppies, today.
Much like those of ninety years, to the day.
Surely we can find a way.

On his way home, a fallen soldier passed me by.
I stopped and saluted with tears in my eyes.