My Poems

That Night

“” This was a story about abuse of young people by young people. It is a love story of a different sort “”

Everyone it seemed had his way with her.
She had been passed around, treated like a toy found.
Each boy in turn promised love, and to be a true friend,
But once her body was given, romance came to an end.
Soon another, would step up to the plate
And promise his love, in return, for the key to her gate.
Pure lust it was that they wanted quenched.
Lying no more and no less, than to guarantee their success.
She was unable to see, the game they were playing,
Heard not the words, both shallow and betraying.
For her only wish was to be loved whole and true
But one after the other, they just bid her adieu.
She came to my life on one party evening
To the converted coop, the home of my peer group.
The gang was enjoying the sweet nectar of grape
They sang screaming so loud I needed a break.
So I slipped outside, looking to the heavens and stars
Thinking of the painter, was it van Gogh or Renoir?
I heard the leaves of the trees applauding the distant chorus,
When she stepped into the light, from the darkness of night.
Her face light up my view with a smile broad and warm,
And the dress she was wearing showed true her fine form.
I then noticed her eyes, such a deep emerald green,
And there was a hint of lilac scent, both sensuous and clean.
We walked for a while before silence brought us to the end.
She told me that she needed a friend as her heart was on the mend.
Her latest love cast her aside these last two nights;
He had already tired of her womanly delights.
There were tears on her face when the sad story was told,
Then she asked me again to stay, she needed someone to hold.<b
Moving close to my body her warmth touched me so.
I was kissed passionately on my lips, while her hands held my hips.
It wasn’t too long before in throws of desire,
Making mad and enjoyable love to the background choir.
My youth and experience to her, became clear as a bell
Our coupling was quick but she whispered, she’d not tell
She left me there as fast as she came.
I wanted to love her some more, but she’d had already gone through the door.
I followed her into the room of song
But it wasn’t long after I saw she was gone.
I couldn’t let this moment go by without words or thoughts
It tightened my insides, left me feeling distraught.
I was now a member of the circle that enjoyed her gifts
But I was unlike the rest of the gang, I suffered real pang.
Something inside my heart, told me that I was no more
The young man whom had stood, alone by the door.
I was now a man of the world, someone who knew about life
And I realized right then she would soon be my wife.
Now forty-three years have gone by ever so fast,
The girl who came to me that night has never been surpassed.
We married soon after, raised our family of four
In a house full of laughter, who could ask for more?
Yesterday I put her to rest with tears in my eyes
My heart heavy with grief, as I said my goodbyes.
My life with this girl was special for sure
All those years our love had truly endured.
That night when I looked at the moon and the stars
Thinking of artists van Gogh and Renoir.
She stepped into my life and stole my heart.
From that moment on we were never apart.