My Recipes

Cone 2 – Bonsecour Bronze

Copper Oxide
16 units
Frit 3134
8   units
EPK Kaolin
12 units
Manganese Dioxide
64 units

  • I add these ingredients to approximately 400ml water.
  • I also ensure that I stir the mix well before applying with a brush.
  •  I use a stiff brush and sort of stipple the glaze on bisque ware.
  • The glaze is a strong contaminant, so, be sure to clean your glazing area well after use.
  • This glaze works best on iron based clay.  However, I also use it on porcelain, but it must be applied well.
  • I also apply the glaze to green ware.
  • The original recipe was for cone two.  I fire to cone 6.   Better results are at cone two.