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My Recipes

Cone 6 – Undewrglaze mix

September 25, 2020

F4 Soda Spar44 unitsEPK Kaolin22  unitsBall Clay11 unitsFrit 312422 unitsI usually mix about two Kilos of this mix and place it in a large plastic pic...

My Recipes

Cone 6 – Renee’s Clear

September 25, 2020

Frit 3134  (F-12 frit)40 unitsDiamond Kaolin20   unitsSilica/flint/qartz30 unitsNepheline Syenite10 units I mix with water to gravity of 1440 grams pe...

My Recipes

Cone 2 – Bonsecour Bronze

September 25, 2020

Copper Oxide16 unitsFrit 31348   unitsEPK Kaolin12 unitsManganese Dioxide64 unitsI add these ingredients to approximately 400ml water.I also ensure th...

My Short Stories

I did not do well in English Composition nor did I do well in English Grammar. Spelling was my weakest subject. As a result, I have tried to write whenever I have had time and when I have felt the urge to create with the written word.

My Poems

I enjoy trying to write poems. I have a few that I enjoy and some that are there as a statement of my feelings.

My Articles

I have written a few articles and have published them in the local ceramic journal (no longer publishing).