My Poems

My Enemy

“” I awoke one morning feeling down. This thought came to my mind and I wrote it down as soon as I could. I am sure I speak for many of the seniors out there “”

Time is my enemy.
I cannot fight its polemy.
It weighs heavy on my shoulder.
And it will not accept any form of barter.
It does not let me put any of it in the bank for a rainy day.
Yet I do everything in my power to keep time at bay.
Time is expensive and surely it is not free.
It is a final, it comes and goes, of which there is no degree.
I cannot assign it to another occasion.
When the clock stops for me there will be no evasion.
It will take me where I do not want to go.
I will receive no reprieve, no stay, and no quarter from this formidable foe.

I cannot stop it and I cannot escape it.
I will be thrown into the timeless pit.
From the beginning, I run to the end, when.
To another world unknown, I will transcend.
I ask for more free time, let’s start at my birth.
I am at the end of my stretch and must now pass from this earth.
And be placed where men upon me will tread.
Where seed for green is spread.
Oh how I wish time would slow.
My life will surely end when there is no more time to flow.
I will be placed somewhere that I dread.
I will have no say in the matter for I will be dead.