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My Articles
My Articles

The small van carrying me from the airport arrived at Sanbao, just before the evening meal. Stepping out of the vehicle and looking around, my inner thoughts told me that I was about to experience an adventure unlike any other that I had known. This would have a profound effect upon my life and art, as well as my interpretation of Chinese ceramics, the Chinese people and their culture.The walled residency compound, rich with the rust colored adobe surfaced walls welcomed me. Red banners hung vertically on each side ofSEE DETAILS

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My Recipes

This is a collection of recipes that I have accumulated over the years. I have collected them from many sources and have given credit from where they came. If you feel that the credit is not correct you are invited to document your beliefs. Some of the recipes have been tested by me, but many are not. I will try to show a piece that was glazed with the recipe as well...

My Short Stories

I did not do well in English Composition nor did I do well in English Grammar. Spelling was my weakest subject. As a result, I have tried to write whenever I have had time and when I have felt the urge to create with the written word.

My Poems

I enjoy trying to write poems. I have a few that I enjoy and some that are there as a statement of my feelings.