My Poems

Lost a Friend Today

“” In Memory of Trooper Karine Blais of the Royal 22nd Regiment. “”

I lost a friend today.
Not that she was that close to me.
Nevertheless, she wore the same colours as I.
She went off to battle so others could be free.
She had a smile that would melt the coldest heart
But the beast did not see this face.
Life’s value to him, he does not care
He hid his death with out remorse
He planed her demise and returned to his lair.
With bombs hid unseen he hides and departs.
He claims he does so in some God’s name.
This creature with hairy face smiles and shakes her hand.
Then walks away to do his deed.
Sets his trap under the brown loose sand
He cares not, about improving life
This animal has no feelings
His goal is to control the daily toil.
Following some hideous theology, a real shame
His country’s future he wishes to spoil.
So the he can abuse, beat and even kill his wife.
If his daughter, pleases him not.
He will beat his chest
And kill her fast.
Not realizing that with a daughter, he is blessed.
He will cut her throat with a dull rusty knife.
Well, she is gone but not forgotten.
She will join the list of fallen brave
Her name will be written into the history of time.
Travelling the highway of Heroes, all will wave
She has given the ultimate sacrifice, her life.
This is dedicated to Trooper Karine Blais
of the
Royal 22nd Regiment Killed in Action, in Afghanistan.