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F4 Soda Spar
44 units
EPK Kaolin
22  units
Ball Clay
11 units
Frit 3124
22 units

I usually mix about two Kilos of this mix and place it in a large plastic pickle jar. I place the lid on the jar and then roll it about the studio for a while to mix the ingredients well.
Whenever I need a color under-glaze I use 5 parts of dry mix to one part stain. I add water and mix well and let decant overnight.  The next morning I pour off the excess water and the slip is ready to use.  I might add a few drops of water as the slip thickens during my painting session.
I cannot remember where I got this recipe.  I think it was from one of my Ceramic Monthly editions years ago.  The artist who gave the recipe use the dry mix with a liquid mix consisting of 30 Grams of Gum to 128 oz of water  to be use in the liquit part of the mix.
Then One would mix 1000 cc of antifreeze (non toxic) with 1000 cc of water and to this one would add 500cc ot the gum mix.
I tried this but found the smell during firing to be too strong even with my ventilation.


Frit 3134  (F-12 frit)
40 units
Diamond Kaolin
20   units
30 units
Nepheline Syenite
10 units

  • I mix with water to gravity of 1440 grams per 1000ml of the slrry.
  • I se EPK vice Diamond Kaolin.
  •  I Seive throgh 120 gird.
  • A slight shadow of any nderglaze decoration shold be visible  when the pot is removed from the glaze.  If not the glaze is too thick.
  • Works well on thin walled pots.
  • This glaze likes a fast firing.  I se a 2hor ramp from 2 to 4 to 6 to high on the switches.

Bonsecor Bronze is a glaze recipe that is se by the Centre de Céramiqe Bonsecor, in Montreal, Qébec.


Copper Oxide
16 units
Frit 3134
8   units
EPK Kaolin
12 units
Manganese Dioxide
64 units

  • I add these ingredients to approximately 400ml water.
  • I also ensure that I stir the mix well before applying with a brush.
  •  I use a stiff brush and sort of stipple the glaze on bisque ware.
  • The glaze is a strong contaminant, so, be sure to clean your glazing area well after use.
  • This glaze works best on iron based clay.  However, I also use it on porcelain, but it must be applied well.
  • I also apply the glaze to green ware.
  • The original recipe was for cone two.  I fire to cone 6.   Better results are at cone two.